Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Welcome to the Jungle

I notice music in the realm in of pop has always sounded the same, but when I checked out some music sites and and the great hits of 2008 I was still suprised that they all began with la la la...da da la la and then some techno beats. I really think I have enough bull talent to begin my own number one hit. It totally blow the game out of the water and begin with da da fa la la.... la la la.. ha ha... da da da. This will compete with Mozart which now how become my rap name.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is this really close?

So after toying with the sliders on this website, I realized that Hillary really needs a miracle to win at this point. Unless there is some hidden footage of Barack Obama calling Rev. White his "main nigga" there is no way he's losing this.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Someone bet on the filly

So a little prerequisite reading before my blog post. Don't worry both are short.

All I remember last week from the news was Hillary Clinton's stump speech comparing herself to Eight Belles; the first female horse running the Kentucky Derby in almost a decade. Well turns out Eight Belles finished 2nd in the Derby and had to be put down after breaking her leg during the race. Hillary, the fates have warned you.

EDIT: A quick comment made by the lovely people in #capcom on efnet

I guess there might be a joke about Obama and the winning horse being named Big Brown in there somewhere, I dunno


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Perfect Drink

The martini is really the perfect cocktail. I'm sitting here sipping on one right now and I feel delightful. This is exactly how I make mine.

Chill a cocktail glass in the freezer
Fill a glass or shaker with ice
Add 1 part dry vermouth and 4 parts gin (i'm using tanqueray 10 right now)
With a spoon, stir for 30-45 seconds or until extremely cold
Skewer 3 green pimento stuffed olives and place them into the cocktail glass
Strain the mixture over the olives
Sip up.

I've learned a few tips that help the taste and texture of the martini.
1. Stir, do not shake. Although the James Bond cliche says otherwise, a stirred martini takes longer but is clearer and much more pleasing to the eye.
2. Start with room temperature ingredients and a chilled cocktail glass. The point of the ice is not only to cool the drink, but to add water and mellow out the harsh alcohol in the gin.
3. Olives are my preferred garnish, but a lemon peel slice instead adds a completely different but complementary character that I enjoy as well.
4. Experiment with different levels of vermouth. There is a large trend towards just glazing the inside of the glass with vermouth and tossing it out, but I realized I like the twist that it adds to the taste of the drink.

Give it a shot and enjoy.