Monday, October 15, 2007

Drew Carey can Forge Ahead for The Price is Right

I happened to catch the last half hour of The Price is Right today, and Drew Carey was hosting. Since I saw an article on the front of Yahoo! News about it, I'm going to assume it was his debut show. I thought he was a little nervous and definitely different than Bob Barker, but I also think it is exactly what the show needs to last another few decades. The problem with a game show that has had a host for over 20 years is that the host becomes their own entity. There will never be another Bob Barker, just as there will never be another Johnny Carson, and for that reason it is imperative that they find a fresh new face to reinvent the show. Leno and Letterman are able to keep late night TV so fresh because they took Carson's format and really made it their own, and I think Carey is one of the few performers who is capable of taking a long standing franchise and making it his own. Just look at how popular the American Version of Whose Line was with him as the host. I'm confident he has the brains to take The Price is Right far into the future. This is not going to turn into Al Borland hosting Family Feud. What the hell is that guy's real name anyways?

EDIT: I actually realized there is probably only one other person who would do a fantastic job on The Price is Right, and that is Peter Sagal from the NPR radio show "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me." If you've never heard the show before, go here and listen if you trust me. This is the only show on any media form besides the Simpsons that I obsessively tune in to, so I highly recommend it. click on "Listen to the whole show"

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Give me three channels

I want a music channel

I want an action, movie channel

I want the discovery channel

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Easiest way to get things done

Will's first post made me remember to write down something I've noticed about my own life. I am completely incapable of being truly productive, but I've found workarounds to my inherent laziness. Will and I have a naturally strong opposition toward doing whatever necessary task is at hand, but that energy can be used to get other things done. Through most of college, the only time I had a clean room was when I had an essay due that week. Instead of actually researching and writing the essay, I would put it off by cleaning out the sink, or searching for jobs. Unfortunately I'll never be able to focus on what is important, but I think I can learn to utilize it. Right now I should be focusing on finishing up college, but instead of doing that (which is probably most important of all goals) I have been heavily focusing on work and trying to get promoted. I'm basically using my major weakness to my advantage. Because of the way this works, I've actually planned out my return to school. Once I'm making enough money at this job where the salary is high enough to make school unnecessary, I'll inevitably have to work extremely hard to get a promotion that I want. Once that moment comes, I'll probably become easily motivated to re-enter school again. So yeah, this may seem a little far in the future, but I've found my crooked path towards my goal. GREAT SUCCESS!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What was the last Robo Cop

Now if there was another Rocky Movie made, there should definitly be another Robo Cop movie. Maybe Brittney Spears can be in it with Will Farrell. Lets not stop there what about another Blood Sport movie with Robin Williams and Weslie Snipes. Yeah that sounds like the best combo ever made. ITs pure destiny. I feel better now

Time To Bring It Home

Well why is it that I can not stop waiting to the last moment to study like it was the ultimate drug. What I do is, study for large exams in two days to one day. I pretty much pretend like I know everything there is to know about the subject and then frantically realize I know nothing about the subject and then relaspe on everything I ever knew about everything in the world. Now I know I am ready for the real world, this concept of the "procrastinator" is what I think makes the world go round or at least most of it.