Thursday, October 11, 2007

Easiest way to get things done

Will's first post made me remember to write down something I've noticed about my own life. I am completely incapable of being truly productive, but I've found workarounds to my inherent laziness. Will and I have a naturally strong opposition toward doing whatever necessary task is at hand, but that energy can be used to get other things done. Through most of college, the only time I had a clean room was when I had an essay due that week. Instead of actually researching and writing the essay, I would put it off by cleaning out the sink, or searching for jobs. Unfortunately I'll never be able to focus on what is important, but I think I can learn to utilize it. Right now I should be focusing on finishing up college, but instead of doing that (which is probably most important of all goals) I have been heavily focusing on work and trying to get promoted. I'm basically using my major weakness to my advantage. Because of the way this works, I've actually planned out my return to school. Once I'm making enough money at this job where the salary is high enough to make school unnecessary, I'll inevitably have to work extremely hard to get a promotion that I want. Once that moment comes, I'll probably become easily motivated to re-enter school again. So yeah, this may seem a little far in the future, but I've found my crooked path towards my goal. GREAT SUCCESS!

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Anonymous said...

I guess in the bigger picture, you'll eventually reach your goal.... lol

(I bet you'll never figure out who this is... and I'm gonna keep it that way. Why? BECAUSE I CAN !)

..(I am someone you know. Just in case you were thinking I was someone random.)